9/23 Hotfix: 16.5

Bug Fixes
  • Davy Jones' Keys no longer remain on screen after leaving the dungeon
  • New guilds are now able to access the guild hall, and can only see their own guild chat
  • "Come Play Here" link removed from account verification confirmation page
  • Updated Build to 16.5

9/24 Hotfix

Bug Fixes
  • Fix for cross server chat issues
  • Adjustment to Doctor Swordsworth: Projectiles are now smaller, and do not remain on the screen as long




その修正にともなって、まともにtellが出来ないバグが生じてたようですが、9/24「Fix for cross server chat issues」とあるのでそれも修正されたのでしょう。

それと、Battle for Nexusダンジョンのネタ装備の剣が弱体化されたようですね。弱体化というより適正化か。さすがにあれはうざすぎた。

あと今(日本の25日の朝)、やたらAccount in useになる問題が発生してるみたいで2ちゃん見ても報告上がってますが、その件について以下のようにあります。

The Google Task Que is Currently Elevated, causing "Account is Currently In Use"

Currently the Google Task Que is elevated, which means that processes with the engine may take longer. This is resulting is the "Account in Use" message appearing more frequently. This is temporary, we will keep you updated when the task que comes back down.

As this is an issue with the Google engine this game is created on, we are unable to expedite this process. Thank you for your patience.

まあなんかよくわかりませんがGoogle Task Queとかいうのが悪さしてるそうで、簡単には解決できないようです。いつものThank you for your patience。



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